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24k gold plating electromagnetic wave blocking sticker

on February 13, 2015
Hello~ This is Song Mi-rye. ^^*
At RealLook, we are giving out cute 12 Zodiac electromagnetic wave blocking stickers to everyone who purchases a protective film.
This electromagnetic wave blocking sticker is a shiny item made of hexavalent chromium and plated with 24K gold.
wait here!
Electromagnetic. I've heard of it a lot, but what exactly is it?
Electromagnetic waves are waves that are transmitted as electric and magnetic fields periodically change in space, and are generated in most electronic devices used in daily life.
Research results are constantly being announced that excessive exposure to electromagnetic waves is harmful to the human body. Living with electronic devices all day, I'm a little scared. In this situation, electromagnetic wave blocking stickers are said to block electromagnetic waves, so there is no reason not to use them, right? By the way, what principle does the electromagnetic wave blocking sticker block electromagnetic waves?
It uses the principle that electromagnetic waves are reflected when they touch metal. If you think about the principle, it is possible to block electromagnetic waves with various metals, including aluminum foil, not gold.
but! Our real look chose 24K gold. Whoops~
If anything, bling-bling 24K gold is good, right?
To give you one tip, electromagnetic wave blocking stickers are said to be most effective when attached around the speaker. ^^

realook 24k electromagnetic shield sticker

This time, we will show you a special design unique to RealLook.
Reallook's electromagnetic wave blocking stickers are designed with cute 12 zodiac signs.
The 12 zodiac gods (十二支神) refers to the 12 gods that protect the land, and I think those who have seen the cartoon movie called The Naughty Guard, which was aired in the 90s, will be very familiar. ^^
Tomb of Tomb
Drago Yorongi Macho Mimi Jinshaomi
Mongchi Kiki Kangdari Jingjjingi New Jujutsu
Naughty among us, we are twelve animals
Twelve zodiac naughty guards~~
Do you remember the opening song?
The zodiac people's tombs, Jin Shaomi and Shin Yusulhae, represent the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, and pig, respectively.
These 12 animals are cutely designed and made into electromagnetic wave blocking stickers.
Aren't you looking forward to which animal stickers will come?
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