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Attended Real Look 2015 International Adhesive Coating Film Industry Exhibition (atem fair 2015)

on March 19, 2015

Reallook & Company attended the 2015 International Adhesive Coating Film Industry Exhibition (ATEM FAIR 2015) held at Hall 1 of Songdo Convensia on March 18th.
Located in Incheon, Songdo Convensia is close to Incheon International Airport and Incheon Port, so it is easily accessible through the sky and sea, and has various auxiliary facilities as well as exhibition halls and conference rooms.
So, when I arrived at Songdo Convensia, I could see many cars and foreigners. ^^
Check how to get to Songdo Convensia

songdo convensia atem fair 2015

The ATEM FAIR, which I visited this time, is technology related to adhesion, coating, and various functional films, which celebrated its 7th this year. ingredient. The largest scale adhesion that can be seen in one place from parts and equipment to finished products. coating. This is a film exhibition.
In this exhibition, I did not forget to get a pass through pre-registration. ^^

songdo convensia atem fair 2015

Upon entering the exhibition hall, a large banner hanging from the ceiling caught my eye.
Let's start watching ATEM FAIR!

songdo convensia atem fair 2015 film printing machine

The first thing that caught my eye was the film printing machine.
As the machine moved back and forth, it caught my eye and asked the person in charge what kind of machine it was.
It was a machine that printed the shape engraved on the round cylinder in front on the film using the round cylinder above.
Can you see the fruit-like shape on the square metal plate?
It is said that when the machine actually works, it prints like that.
Of course, you can freely change the shape to be printed. ^^

songdo convensia atem fair 2015

The machine shown in the picture is for measuring the contact angle.
When a drop of water is mechanically raised on the film, the angle at which the drop spreads is measured.

songdo convensia atem fair 2015

If you look at the top left corner of your computer screen, can you see the angle of the water droplets?
If the coating is applied, the angle of the water droplet will of course be larger than when it is not coated, right?

songdo convensia atem fair 2015

It is a coating agent for 3D printer ceramic output.
Coating is completed within 5 to 10 minutes by pouring or depositing, and the clarity of the output is improved! They say they will do it.
Seeing that 3D printer-related products do not fall out no matter which exhibition you go to, it seems that the trend is trending these days.

songdo convensia atem fair 2015 songdo convensia atem fair 2015

As I walked around the exhibition hall, there was an adhesive coating consulting room on one side.
Many experts were in the consulting room.
If you are interested, please visit once. ^^
ATEM FAIR 2015 introduction ends here.
If you go directly to the exhibition, you can see not only the machines and coatings I introduced, but also a wider variety of adhesives, coatings, and functional films.
Please note that this exhibition is until March 20th and the viewing hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. ^^
At Songdo Convensia, where ATEM FAIR 2015 was held, various conferences, exhibitions and events are being held. If you are interested, please check before visiting.
Go to Songdo Convensia website

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