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Participated in the 26th International Smart Factory Automation Exhibition (automation world 2015)

on March 23, 2015

On March 18, RealLook & Company finished watching the exhibition at Songdo Convensia and headed to COEX to see the 2015 International Smart Factory Automation Exhibition (Automation World 2015).
Coex in Gangnam has an aquarium as well as an exhibition hall. It is equipped with various auxiliary facilities such as a movie theater, and has good accessibility as it is located in a place with developed traffic.
Automation World 2015 held at COEX this time was held at Coex Hall A. B along with 'The 4th Korea Machine Vision Industry Exhibition', 'The 26th International Factory Automation Exhibition' and '2015 Smart Factory Technology Exhibition'.
The Korea Machine Vision Industry Exhibition is an industrial Carrera. lenses and lights. It is the only machine vision professional business exhibition held in Korea where you can meet programs and other equipment.

coex automation world 2015

This is a structure inside COEX that I met on the way to the exhibition hall.
Isn't it cute? Thanks to that, the road was not boring. ^^

coex automation world 2015

I received the pass immediately through pre-registration, but those who have not pre-registered can fill out the registration card here or attach their business card to receive the pass without filling out the application form. ^^
For reference, you can pre-register for the exhibition held at COEX after simple membership registration at the link below. ^^
Pre-registration for COEX exhibition

coex automation world 2015

This is the booth layout.
As expected, three exhibitions are held at the same time, so the scale is quite large, right?
Upon entering the exhibition hall for the first time, I felt a lot of lively and dynamic feeling as many machines were moving hecticly to match the title of Automation World.

coex automation world 2015coex automation world 2015

We also saw huge camera lenses and broadcast cameras.
Can you get a feel for how big the lens is for that size?

coex automation world 2015

It is a drone fighter with a very small camera on the back.
Do you know what it is?
I thought it was a miniature version of the helicam that I often saw on TV.
I looked at the scene I shot, and it didn't shake, and the quality was good.
I also saw them flying in real life at the exhibition hall, and I was in awe of them.
According to the explanation of the official, it is said that it can fly for about 10 minutes.

coex automation world 2015coex automation world 2015

While watching, I found a cafe inside the exhibition hall.
I was thirsty, so I went inside and chose the refreshing red grapefruit juice and chocolate brownie.
Good Choice! It was really, really delicious. ^^
Looking at the picture of the chocolate brownie, my mouth waters.

As I walked around eating, I heard music somewhere and stopped walking.
A machine was playing the guitar instead of a human.
Lalala ~
There's nothing you can't do with a machine.
The tour of the international smart factory automation exhibition, which was interesting and lively, is over.
This year's Automation World is over, but I'm already looking forward to next year's exhibition.
Unfortunately, if you missed the Automation World exhibition this year, don't miss next year.

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