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Reallook 22nd International Mold & Related Equipment Exhibition (intermold korea 2015)

on March 12, 2015

Reallook Korea attended the 22nd International Mold & Related Equipment Exhibition (INTERMOLD KOREA 2015) held at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Ilsan on March 10th.
KINTEX, located in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, is an international exhibition and convention center established through joint investment by the central and local governments to resolve the space shortage of domestic exhibition and convention centers and internationalize the industry.
Starting with the successful hosting of the Korea Industrial Fair 2011, the first exhibition in Korea with a scale of 100,000 square meters, it is leading the large-scale exhibitions in Korea.
The International Mold & Related Equipment Exhibition was held for the first time in the world in 1981, and together with EuroMold, a representative mold exhibition in Europe, it is an exhibition specializing in the mold industry representing the East and West.
The 22nd exhibition was held together with 'International Plastic Rubber Industry Exhibition' and 'Korea International Air Conditioning Exhibition', which are closely related to the mold industry.


From Daehwa Station at the end of Line 3, take exit 2 and walk straight for about 10 minutes to reach KINTEX.
A large pink banner greeted me.
Check how to get to KINTEX


To enter the exhibition hall, you must first pay the entrance fee and receive a pass.
Admission is free if you make a reservation in advance, but I missed the reservation and had to pay 5,000 won for admission.
By the way, if you bring your own business card, you can easily get a pass by attaching your business card without filling out the application form. ^^


In the 1st exhibition hall, the international mold and related equipment exhibition and the international plastic and rubber industry exhibition are exhibited together, and in the 2nd exhibition hall, the Korea International Air Conditioning Exhibition is exhibited.
In particular, the International Mold & Related Equipment Exhibition and the International Plastic & Rubber Industry Exhibition are displayed in one space, so don't get confused.
If you know the location, it will be helpful for viewing, right?

The part I was most interested in at this exhibition was the 3D scanner and 3D printer.

kintex INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 3d scannerkintex INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 3d scanner

A 3D scanner is a device that converts the shape of an object or space into digital data.
As you can see in the picture, when an object is scanned, its shape is converted into digital data and displayed on the screen.

kintex INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 3d scannerkintex INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 3d scanner

I also scanned my hands.
Can you see the clearly scanned fingerprints?
Are you really curious?

kintex INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 3d scanner

This scanner is hand-held and direct scanning equipment.
Just align the red line to the center of the green circle and start scanning.
I tried it myself, but it was not as easy as I thought. ^^

kintex INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 3d printer

It is a 3D printer.
In the actual exhibition hall, you can see 3D printers with more diverse shapes depending on the resolution and material.

kintex INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 3d printerkintex INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 3d printerkintex INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 3d printerkintex INTERMOLD KOREA 2015 3d printer

These are works made using 3D printers based on plastic materials.
Of course, the data was obtained with a 3D scanner.
I was surprised that it was more sophisticated than I thought. How is it? Can you believe it was made with a 3D printer?
The train model is moving in the actual exhibition hall.
Choo-choo-choo-choo-choo~ Although there was no actual sound, I regret taking a video.
There are various printing methods such as DLPㅣFDMㅣSLAㅣSLS in these 3D printers.
I will explain the SLA method, which is the most widely used method due to its high print accuracy and excellent surface finish.

sal 3d printer

SLA stands for Stereolithography. As shown in the picture, the laser output device is located at the bottom of the water tank containing the material. The way the layers are stacked.

It is a difficult yet mysterious world of 3D printers.
The 22nd International Mold and Related Equipment Exhibition is open until March 14th, so if you are interested, please visit KINTEX.
Please note that viewing hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. ^^
In addition to the international mold and related equipment exhibition, KINTEX holds various exhibitions and events.
You can check various event schedules on the KINTEX website.

Go to KINTEX website

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