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Participated in the 9th Reallook International Research & Experimental Equipment & Advanced Analysis Equipment Exhibition ( korea lab 2015 )

on May 01, 2015

On April 23rd, RealLook & Company revisited KINTEX after a month and a half since the '23rd International Plastic & Rubber Industry Exhibition' and '22nd International Mold & Related Equipment Exhibition'.


KINTEX, where I attended an exhibition for the first time, is an international exhibition and convention center established through joint investment by the central and local governments to resolve the space shortage of domestic exhibition and convention centers and internationalize the industry. .


KINTEX, which I revisited after a month or so, has a cool fountain. It was giving off spring vibes with green trees and flowers.
I felt good as if I was on a spring picnic in the park. ^^


I looked around and noticed people getting off the bus.
When I inquired at KINTEX, it was a free shuttle bus operated by the organizers during the exhibition period.
It is right in front of the exhibition hall, so it would be nice to use public transportation.
Boarding locations and times can be checked on the website of each exhibition organizer. ^^*
For other transportation information, check the link below.
Check how to get to KINTEX
The exhibitions I attended this time were 'The 5th International Logistics Exhibition (KOREA MAT 2015)', 'The 10th Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Technology Exhibition (COPHEX 2015)', 'The 5th International Pharmaceutical Exhibition (KOREA PHARM 2015)' and 'The 7th International Chemical Devices Exhibition'. Industry Exhibition (KOREA CHEM 2015)' and 'The 9th International Research, Lab Equipment and Advanced Analytical Equipment Exhibition (KOREA LAB 2015)', a total of five exhibitions were held simultaneously at Kintex Exhibition Hall Hall.


After touring the outside of KINTEX, I went to the pass issuing area to enter the exhibition hall.
There was a new machine that I hadn't seen before.
Instead of telling the staff member your pre-registered name and getting a pass, you can easily get a pass by entering your name and the last digit of your mobile phone number.
Really easy, right? In particular, my name was unique, so it was always a hassle to say it twice. ^^

kintex exhibition guide

They kindly gave us tips on how to visit the exhibition.
After receiving the pass, we started viewing the exhibition according to the viewing tips.

kintex korea lab

The first thing that caught my eye was the yellow cabinet.
It is a cabinet that stores explosive substances. Even if it explodes, it can only explode inside the cabinet and protect people from hazardous substances.

kintex korea labkintex korea lab

Doesn't the picture remind you of CSI?
As soon as I saw it, I was so excited that I put my hand in it and took a picture. I was excited because I felt like I was in the CSI lab.
I really liked CSI.

kintex korea lab

Do you know what it is used for?
I also saw it here for the first time. It is a leveling device.
In the picture, when the safety pin on the left side of the device is pulled out and tilted, the white part at the top turns blue.
Wouldn't it be useful to use it for shipments that need to be kept level?
Getting to know new things like this seems to be the beauty of the exhibition.

kintex korea lab

See the ball floating in the air?
Curious, I stopped and moved my hand up and down the ball like a magician. ^^
There was nothing connected above and below the ball, only wind coming out from below.

kintex korea lab

When I returned to the office to find out what the principle was, it was a phenomenon caused by Bernoulli's principle.
air. When a fluid such as water flows, the pressure appears differently depending on the speed. Where the flow is fast, the pressure is low, and where the flow is slow, the pressure is high.
At this time, a pushing force acts from a place of high pressure to a place of low pressure.
The wind around the ball flows quickly, lowering the pressure, and the relatively high pressure pushes the ball from the outside to the inside, so the ball does not fall and floats in the air. ^^

It is a 3D holographic image.
front. back. You can see the same picture from any side view.
Are you curious?
Sistar. Psy. Many singers, including SNSD, have already performed using 3D holograms.

kintex myeongdong noodles

After watching the exhibition, I went to Myeong-dong Kalguksu for a late lunch.

kintex myeongdong noodleskintex myeongdong noodles

After looking at the menu, I ordered Myeong-dong kalguksu and Myeong-dong king dumplings.
I left KINTEX and returned to the office after filling my stomach with delicious kalguksu and dumplings.

kintex mangosixkintex doughnut plant newyork city

Besides Myeongdong Kalguksu, Mango Six is ​​available at KINTEX. Donut Plant New York City. Tous Les Jours. Yum China. Naju Gomtang. Starfish. food court. There are various food and beverage facilities such as Attal Tteokbokki.
Tour of KINTEX food and beverage facilities
Did you miss this exhibition unfortunately?
The next exhibition will be held from April 26 to 29, 2016, so be sure to visit. ^^*

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