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2014 Tokyo International Forum Exhibition Consultation

on December 30, 2014

From April 15th to 16th, the 13th Korea Product Exhibition Consultation was held at the Tokyo International Forum located in Yurakucho, Tokyo.
Of course, RealLook Korea also participated and received high interest from Japanese buyers.

2014년 도쿄국제포럼

Despite the recent deterioration in relations between Korea and Japan, it is said that about 1,000 buyers visited the exhibition hall.
Among them, RealLook Korea's 'Leon Color LCD Protection Film', which combines various characters and various colors on a simple liquid crystal protection film, and recently introduced tempered glass film received high attention.

korea trade show tokyo 2014

In particular, a company that consulted with RealLook Korea showed high interest, saying, "There are liquid crystal protection films that incorporate simple colors or patterns in Japan, but there are not many liquid crystal protection films that use characters like RealLook Korea." Also, the idea that it would be good to use the image of a Korean wave star or a popular celebrity in Japan was also suggested.

korea trade show tokyo 2014

In addition, Y Electronics, who conducted consultation on the first day of the exhibition, said, "Considering the IT accessory market situation in Japan, the price issue must be sufficiently considered for brand liquid crystal protective films sold in Korea to enter the market.
However, compared to products in Japan, RealLook Korea's products have many advantages that consumers can feel, so there is a high possibility of success in the Japanese market if thorough market research is conducted in advance." We promised to provide information on peripheral accessory products and actively cooperate with RealLook Korea.


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