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[Interview] Lim Nam-il, CEO of Reallook & Company-“Liquid protection film and tempered glass self-confidence”

on February 15, 2022

“Liquid protection film, tempered glass strongman himself”
Fully equipped with film, mold design technology, and forming equipment
To be reborn as a company that can contribute to society

The smartphone tempered glass and protective film market accounts for about 40% of the accessory market, forming a large market worth KRW 37 trillion annually, and is expected to continue to grow at an annual average rate of 8.1% until 2026. In the rapidly growing tempered glass and protective film market, there is a domestic company that occupies 77.66% of the global protective film market, which is a hot topic. It is RealLook & Company, which holds original patents in 19 countries around the world, and has a high reputation as a company specializing in the development of fingerprint recognition and double-curved surface molding technology. Accordingly, this paper prepared a place to hear about related technologies and products through an interview with Lim Nam-il, CEO of Reallook & Company.

Real Look & Company

■ Please introduce RealLook & Company.

Reallook & Company is focusing on two products, liquid crystal protection film and tempered glass for smartphones that everyone uses.

In terms of functionality, fingerprint recognition, in-display fingerprint recognition is a hot topic these days, and it is a 3D protector specialist that focuses on both fingerprint recognition and convex surface molding.

■ I understand that RealLook & Company developed all of the film, mold, and forming press for the production of 3D full-cover fingerprint recognition film in-house. I would like to hear about the development process along with the introduction.

There are a total of three things that RealLook & Company needs for fingerprint recognition film and tempered glass, a film that can be used as a raw material for fingerprint recognition and double-curved surface molding. It is called the springback phenomenon, and we have developed and possesses three types of mold design technology, which can alleviate the springback phenomenon, and forming equipment that can form the lower part beyond 90 degrees, which is actually called undercut.

We design a mold to mitigate the springback phenomenon of the film, which is the raw material, and create the corresponding product by combining these to achieve actual forming.

■ I would like to hear about future fingerprint recognition market prospects and RealLook & Company's plans.

When it comes to how fingerprint recognition functions are used in smartphones, there is one part related to security that unlocks with one's own fingerprint through the display.

Moving on to the next part, it is being used as a stable solution for mobile payments. It is currently used in Kakao Pay or Master Card.

If this is exceeded, it is expected to be used as a terminal for healthcare in conjunction with the 4th industry through blood flow detection, heart rate monitoring, and BMI index measurement.

We are focusing on two things: a corresponding fingerprint recognition sensor, a film that can completely protect the device against curved surfaces, and tempered glass.

■ Lastly, would you like to say something to the readers?

We, RealLook & Company, have spent a lot of time developing new technologies for the past 5 years, so we have neglected the B2C field a lot.

It's an old record at this point, but if you search online, your product has been registered in the top 100 Amazon products in the US, and in the case of the Korean market, it once recorded a market share of around 70% through OEM and ODM.

In other words, we believe that not a few e4ds readers have been our RealLook & Company customers and have been silently serving as a foundation for many years to develop the fingerprint recognition and double-curved surface molding technology that we have achieved today.

As you know, there is a word called all-round gain. Companies have many stakeholders, from customers to countries, and we have received tangible and intangible help based on their trust until we came to this place. I am always grateful for this, and in the future, as a member of society, I want to work hard to benefit all members.

Therefore, please keep an eye on our future and ask for a lot of guidance. Thanks for joining us.

written by Reporter Bae Jong-in

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