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Public Procurement Service designated 193 products from 125 companies as ‘March 2020 Venture Nara Products’

on March 31, 2020

193 products from 125 companies, including LED air purifiers, were newly designated as Venture Nara products by the Public Procurement Service (Chief Chung Moo-kyung).

Venture Nara is a shopping mall dedicated to start-ups and venture companies within the Nara Market established by the Public Procurement Service to help early start-ups and venture companies enter the public procurement market and support sales channels. He said he had a new dog.

Venture Startup Innovation Product

According to the Public Procurement Service, from this year, Venture Nara products are designated every month, and in March, they were designated through technology and quality screening after receiving recommendations from 29 organizations including metropolitan governments that signed business agreements with Venture Nara products.

Venture Nara products in March are convergence and new technology products such as convergence products such as LED air purifying lighting fixtures, smart Internet of Things (IoT) clean cooling systems, wireless digital stethoscopes, and manhole water level gauges. After registering in 'Nara', they will receive various support such as exhibition of 'Venture Nara Pavilion' at Korea Nara Market Expo, procurement registration training, publicity and marketing, along with market support based on public demand for up to 5 years.

In addition, if you supply more than 10 million won through Venture Nara, you can receive additional points when designating excellent procurement items.

Venture Startup Innovation Product

written by Reporter Shin Jae-hwan

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