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TIPA completes the 1st round of 'R&D Mentoring' for SMEs... Established as an open R&D incubator

on April 02, 2021

Derived new R&D tasks from 41 companies through 6-month mentoring

The Small and Medium Business Technology Information Promotion Agency (President Lee Jae-hong, hereinafter TIPA) held a non-face-to-face graduation ceremony on April 1 for 41 companies that participated in the 'R&D Mentoring' program and successfully performed tasks, and shared best practices and presented awards. .

R&D Mentoring

'R&D Mentoring' is an industry-academia-institute mentoring program that supports R&D project planning and capacity building by forming small groups for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the early stages of R&D and highly experienced technical experts (mentors) for the purpose of close support for SME R&D project planning.

Considering the situation of Corona 19, this event was held non-face-to-face, and about 60 people, including representatives of graduate companies, R&D mentors, and companies with excellent cases, participated online.

The SME Technology Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as the Technology Innovation Center) under TIPA recruited 152 SMEs having difficulties in finding R&D tasks in July of last year and provided them with various programs such as business plan writing practice, customized counseling for technical difficulties, networking, mock face-to-face evaluation, etc. for 6 months. Conducted mentoring activities in connection with industry, academia, and research institutes.

Yang Hoon-hwa, director of the Technology Innovation Center, said, “Out of the 16 companies that drew R&D tasks from pilot projects in 2019, 8 companies were selected for R&D support projects by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups last year.” was found to be high.”

At the event, the best cases of mentoring were introduced, awards were given to excellent companies and mentors, and the achievements of the activities were shared. 41 companies that completed the derivation of R&D tasks were selected as final companies, Ferrocar was awarded the Best Company Award, and Mentor Hwang Kyung-Hyun was awarded the Best Mentor Award.

The four companies introduced as excellent cases, such as Third Youth, BKM, and Real Look & Company, have in common “Using technical consultation and networking to solve technical difficulties that are difficult to solve on their own, and to help establish the direction of R&D. It was done”, “I was able to minimize trial and error by experiencing the government R&D project process such as face-to-face evaluation in advance.”

Jang Hyun-seong, head of the TIPA Cooperation Business Headquarters, said, “It is important for members of industry, academia, and research institutes with various perspectives and technological capabilities to collaborate to solve R&D cooperation and bottleneck technologies.” We will be able to promote technology development,” he said.

On the other hand, companies that completed this time are given the qualification to apply for the 'Technology Innovation Center Technology Exchange Linked Project', which is recommended as an exemption from written evaluation or institutional recommendation in the R&D project of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and when applying for the 'network type R&BD project' announced in the second half of the year Preferential points are awarded. The 2nd 'R&D Mentoring' recruits participating companies in June this year.

written by Choi Jong-yoon, reporter

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