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필리핀의 명소 포트 산티아고에 가다.

I went to Fort Santiago, a famous attraction in the Philippines.

hello ~ This is Song Mi-rye from Real Look...
필리핀에도 sm이? sm 아우라 프리미어

sm in the philippines? sm aura premiere

Hello~ This is Mi-rye Song from Real Look &...
필리핀의 용산전자상가 그린힐스 쇼핑센터

Yongsan Electronics Market Green Hills Shopping Center in the Philippines

Hello~ This is Real Look & Company Song Mi-rye....
리얼룩 필리핀 메트로 마닐라 출장기

Reallook Philippines Metro Manila business trip

Hello ~ This is Song Mi-rye. In the first...
가죽의 천국 신설동 가죽시장 방문기

A visit to the leather market in Sinseol-dong, the heaven of leather

Hello~ This is Mi-rye Song.^^* Continuing from the previous...
리얼룩 동묘역 구제시장 방문기

Real Look Dongmyo Station Old-fashioned Market Visit

Hello~ This is Song Mi-rye. Today, I will tell...
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