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Real-look protection case patent 2

on January 12, 2015

hello. This is Mi-rye Song. ^^*
This may be my last post on patents.

realook patent protective case

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The previous two articles explained the tempered glass film patent and the protective case patent, respectively.
Today, I'm going to talk about a patent about a protective case.
What other protective case patents do you have?
The two protective cases look the same, but they are different.
So let's see how they differ.

realook patent protective case

First of all, if you look at the patent certificate, the name is the same, but the patent number is different. did you find it?
I found out that the patent with different contents can have the same name.
Shall we check it out for ourselves?

Go to the Cypris site

realook patent protective case

From the front of the picture, it is the display device, rear cover, and protective case.
Is this a familiar picture?
As you can see, the picture of the protective case has changed.
The protective case has been replaced with a bumper case.
This patent is a case that protects the device by combining frames of different sizes.
The outside of the frame is made of hard materials (metal, polycarbonate) to protect the device from external shocks, and the inside of the frame is made of soft materials (rubber, silicone) to prevent damage to the contact surface between the case and the device.

realook patent protective case

Cases can be joined sideways as well as up and down.

realook patent protective case

You can add a pattern or character design to the back cover to give it a different look.
It seems that you can enjoy the effect of killing two birds with one stone, but the shape of the case is different.
The patent story ends here.
My patent story is over, but if you want to know more about patents, click the link below.

Go to the Korean Intellectual Property Office

Thank you for reading my post today.
Will you come again next time? ^^

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