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Real-look tempered glass film patent registration

on January 05, 2015

hello. This is Mi-rye Song. ^^*
Today I would like to talk about patents.

patent tempered glass screen protector

Do you know what a patent is?
Simply put, a patent is an administrative act that grants an exclusive right for 20 years from the filing date to the person who invented the invention or his/her rightful successor in return for disclosing the invention to the public.
Want to know more about patents?

Go to the Korean Intellectual Property Office

Reallook & Company has one patent related to tempered glass, 'Tempered glass panel for surface protection of display devices and its manufacturing method'.
Two patents for 'protective case for display device' related to the case.
A total of three patents have been registered.
Among them, today I will introduce the tempered glass patent.

patent tempered glass screen protector

This patent is about a method of making a tempered glass film that protects the surface of a display device.
It may seem difficult to say that it is the surface of a display device, but it refers to the liquid crystal we commonly know.
Patents can be found on the Cypris site below.

Go to the Cypris site

tempered glass layer

This is RealLook & Company's tempered glass film layer.
As you can see in the picture, by using the silicone adhesive at the bottom, it is not only neatly attached to the liquid crystal surface without lifting or bubbles, but also makes it easy to attach and detach. In addition, the AFP coating prevents fingerprints and oil from easily smearing.
Excellent strength of 9H or higher is standard, and it is safe as it is scattered into blunt pieces even when damaged by impact.
It means that RealLook & Company has such a great tempered glass film patent. ^^
You can trust RealLook & Company's patented tempered glass film, right?
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For reference, this patent has been applied not only in Korea but also in 36 countries abroad (USA, Indonesia, Japan, China, Canada, Philippines, 30 countries in Europe).

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