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The meaning of rs and ra not in the dictionary

on February 11, 2015

Hello~ This is Song Mi-rye. ^^*
Recently, there have been many inquiries about RS and RA among real-look components.
So today, we will solve your questions about what RS and RA are and where they are used.
Then let's check what RS and RA are?

realook component RS RA

Briefly, RS and RA are solutions used when attaching the Real Look protective film.
First, let's talk about RS.
As you can see at the top and bottom of the RS letters in the photo, RS stands for REALOOK Screen Cleaner, which is a solution containing ingredients that help reduce dust even a little.
There is an ingredient that helps to reduce dust, so if you wipe the touch screen with RS before attaching the protective film, it will definitely be easier to attach, right?
Next is RA.
RA is an abbreviation of REALOOK Application Solution. It is a solution exclusively for urethane protective film that instantly facilitates adhesion by inducing surfactant action on the sticky adhesive surface with the surfactant contained in RA.
What is a surfactant here?
First, you need to know the meaning of interface. An interface is the boundary between a gas and a liquid, a liquid and a liquid, and a liquid and a solid.
Surfactants play a role in mitigating the boundaries of these interfaces. Do you understand?
When attaching the urethane protective film, if you use this RA on your fingers and the adhesive surface of the film, it will be much easier to attach. ^^
Now that you know where to use it, if you know how to use it, RS and RA are completely conquered! Usage is really simple.

realook component RS RA

See the horizontal line at the top of RS and RA in the picture? Knock that part out! You can cut it and use it.
How easy is it?
Now, RS and RA can be used usefully without being confused, right?
I hope that you will succeed in a neat and satisfactory attachment by using the RS and RA well, and that's it.

* From September 2015, RS solution is a new design wet. Supplied as a set of dry screen cleaning paper.

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