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Real Look Dongmyo Station Old-fashioned Market Visit

on April 14, 2015

Hello~ This is Song Mi-rye.
Today, I will tell you about my visits to Dongmyo Station Old-fashioned Market and Sinseol-dong Leather Market.
Dongmyo Station Old-fashioned Market is a place that became a hot topic after appearing in Infinite Challenge.
I was a bit nervous before the visit because I went directly to the music video set by Jung Hyeong-don and G-Dragon. ^^

dongmyo station

I took the subway early in the morning and headed to Dongmyo Station.
I came out of Exit 2 of Dongmyo Station on Line 1, but I had to cross the crosswalk ^^;
If you use exit 3, you can enter the old-fashioned market directly without crossing the crosswalk.


This is the entrance to the bazaar.
I was able to see various things exactly as I saw them on TV.

dongmoymarket toast

A delicious smell drew me in from the entrance.
They had toast, which I really like.
The taste of sugar and ketchup was too strong, so I was a little disappointed as I like savory taste.


As I went a little further, there were various old items befitting the name of the old-fashioned market.
Do you know what it is?
When I first saw it, I couldn't get it at all.
Turns out it was a receipt machine.
I thought about why the numbers were repeated, but I thought that in the past, I didn't press each unit separately. But there is no 0?
What principle is it?


It is a turntable that allows you to listen to music by placing an LP on it.
It's the first time I've actually seen it, but the shapes are very diverse. ^^


Do you know what this is?
When I asked the owner, he said it was a film projector.
I was amazed that I could watch a movie on such a small machine.
These days, it seems to have changed to a digital projector, so I looked for the last film movie among Korean movies.


Unexpectedly, it was the recent movie Snowpiercer.
However, it was filmed with film, but the cinemas that screened it on film disappeared, so the movie theaters showed it digitally.
More details can be found at the link below.

Wikipedia Snowpiercer Train


It's a typewriter that I've seen many times in movies.
I wanted to press it once, but the phrase 'Please look at it with your own eyes' caught my curiosity.
Does it make a clicking sound when pressed?


This is a sewing machine I saw a lot at my grandmother's house when I was young.
It was the most familiar thing I've seen here.

The sewing machine at my grandmother's house was attached to the lid, so when the lid was closed, the sewing machine hung upside down and was invisible.
I really wanted to try it in my young heart, but I remember being upset that I couldn't touch it.

philips radio

It is a radio that caught my eye because I saw familiar letters.
Although the letters are separated in the middle, you can tell that it is a PHILIPS product at a glance, right?
I didn't know about Philips products except for razors, but when I looked it up, it turned out that it is a multinational electronics manufacturing company in the Netherlands, and its headquarters is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
That radio is older than me. ^^


A little further to the side, there are toys for children.
They are the same, but one is fixed and the other is moving.
Considering that it is old, the color is clear, so I thought it was very well maintained.
was it repainted?

This is what I saw in the bailout market.
If you just look at it, it's old and worn out, but if you look at it with memories and hearts, it's a very valuable thing for some people, right? Just like me, who was focused on the sewing machine among all those things. ^^

I will continue to talk about the leather market in the next post, so don't forget to read it. ^^*

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