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I went to Fort Santiago, a famous attraction in the Philippines.

on June 19, 2015

hello ~
This is Song Mi-rye from Real Look & Company. ^^*
Today, I will introduce you to Fort Santiago, one of the most popular places in the Philippines.
Fort Santiago, where you can look into history, is said to have been built by the Spanish conquistadors as a fortress built to protect Intramuros.
It is also the place where Filipino independence activist Jose Rizal was sentenced to death and imprisoned.
So, there is also a Rizal Memorial Hall where the objects he used are displayed.

philippines intramuros map

Here, Intramuros is the oldest area in Manila located south of the Pasig River and is surrounded by a red line on the map. ^^
By the way, Intramuros means inside the walls in Spanish.
It seems that you can see traces of Spain really everywhere in the Philippines.

philippines alleyphilippines alley market

On the way to Fort Santiago, I first walked through a typical alley in the Philippines.
People are huddled together in front of a small supermarket on the side of the road.
I was thirsty and bought Royal at the supermarket.
Are you wondering what royale is?
In fact, Royal is just the name, but tastes the same as Fanta.
It is the same as the one made by the Coca-Cola Company.
However, looking on Wikipedia, this Royal is a brand that can only be used in the Philippines. ^^
Behind the boy, you can see C2, the representative Filipino drink introduced in the previous article.

philippines C2

I forgot to explain, but C2 is green tea.
But not just green tea, lemon. apologize. It is a slightly unique green tea with flavors such as peaches added.
The most representative ones are red apple green tea flavor and yellow lemon green tea flavor.
I tried mixing these two flavors.
It seems strange, right?
The answer is NO! If you get addicted to the subtle taste, keep mixing and drinking. ^^

philippines fortsantiago

When you arrive at the entrance, you will see a carriage.
I wanted to ride it once, but I headed to the ticket office to see Fort Santiago.

philippines fortsantiago ticket booth

At the ticket office, there is a sign with admission fees and opening hours.
Fort Santiago is open daily from 8am to 6pm and costs 50 pesos for children and students and 75 pesos for adults.
In Korean money, children and students will be 1,250 won, and adults will be about 1,875 won.

philippines fortsantiago ticket

I bought a ticket and went inside.
In front of it is a large park with many statues.

philippines fortsantiago

There is also a statue on the bench, so I sat down for a while and took a picture together.
There is also a beautiful fountain in the back.

philippines fortsantiago

There is a pigeon house on one side.
Korean pigeons are all chubby and fat, but the pigeons I met in the Philippines were slim, so I couldn't adapt.

philippines fortsantiago

After going a little further in and crossing the moat, you will finally reach the main entrance to Fort Santiago.
This is the true Fort Santiago.
Don't you feel the scent of Spain from the pattern engraved on the door?
I'm not sure, but I can deduce that Fort Santiago was built to defend and defend, judging from the shield and the pattern of the knight on horseback.

philippines fortsantiago

On either side of the door are broken bricks that may have initially been intact gatekeepers.
Fort Santiago was bombed during World War II, destroying many of the buildings within the fort.

philippines fortsantiago

Can you see the marks of being hit by shells here and there?

philippines fortsantiago

Cannons and shells are also displayed in front of this building.
I keep showing up and I'm a little embarrassed. ^^;

philippines fortsantiago

There is also a brief description of Fort Santiago.
Built in 1571, it is the oldest fort in the Philippines and was destroyed in 1574 by a man named Limahong. The brick fort is said to have been built between 1589 and 1592.
Britain until it was handed over to the Philippine government in 1946. USA. It passed through the hands of other countries such as Japan, and many Filipinos were sacrificed in the process.
In particular, when the Japanese army occupied this place, it is said that many Filipino prisoners were accommodated and died here by brutal torture.
Every time I look at the history of colonial rule in the Philippines, I feel more sorry for not being like someone else.

philippines fortsantiago jose rizal

A statue of Jose Rizal inside the prison.
The statue is fake, but the prison is where the real Jose Rizal used to be.
Looking at the standing statue, I could see in front of my eyes how it would have lived without a ceiling and without a proper door, just as hot on a hot day and cold on a cold day.
In real life, it would have been more lonely than that statue.
To give you an additional explanation about Jose Rizal, he was born into a wealthy family as an independence activist who insisted on the independence of the Philippines under Spain, and went to study in Spain to become a doctor.
While studying abroad, he also had a talent for literature, such as publishing a novel criticizing the contradictions of colonial rule.
However, Rizal, who was expelled by the Spanish government, disappeared in the dew of the executioner at a young age while fighting for independence.
There are footprints that start from the place where Rizal was imprisoned, and following these footprints leads to the place where Rizal was publicly executed.
When I visited Fort Santiago and found the footprints, I am ashamed of my ignorance for thinking they were tour guide footprints.
Also, the difference between knowing and seeing is huge.

philippines fortsantiago

Inside Fort Santiago there are many pits like you see in the picture.
There are also many deep holes without steps.
It is said that they imprisoned Filipinos there and even drowned them by opening the floodgates to the Pasig River.
Just thinking about it is terrifying. ㅠㅠ

philippines fortsantiago

On the way back, I stopped by the souvenir shop for a while.
There were various souvenirs inside, but among them, the paintings on rough paper caught my eye.
The beautiful Philippine scenery is delicately engraved, so it was not painted on luxurious materials, but it was a nice enough work.
If you visit Fort Santiago, we recommend the museum. Because there are little pleasures. ^^
I will end this article with the above. Thanks for reading. ^^*

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