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sm in the philippines? sm aura premiere

on June 12, 2015

Hello~ This is Mi-rye Song from Real Look & Company. ^^*
This is already the third post on my business trip to the Philippines.
Today, I will briefly introduce SM Aura Premier.

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philippines sm

Traveling around the Philippines, you can easily find the letters SM ( SM ) everywhere.
SM in the first place? Has SM Entertainment entered the Philippines? I thought.
However, SM in the Philippines is the BoA we know. TVXQ. Super Junior. Girls' Generation. shiny. f(x) ( f(x) ). EXO ( EXO ). It had absolutely nothing to do with SM Entertainment, the agency of prominent singers, including the recently debuted Red Velvet. ㅠㅠ

philippines sm

SM of the Philippines is a major player in the Philippine distribution market and is a conglomerate that operates Asia's largest shopping mall, the Mall of Asia.
From the beginning, SM Group was not a large company like it is now.
Henry Sy, the founder of SM Group, is a Filipino Chinese who left his hometown of China at the age of 12 and moved to the Philippines.
Henry City, who moved to the Philippines, started a business under the name of Shoe Mart, a shoe store.
After all, everything seems to be obtained as much as the effort is made.
Did you notice?
Why is the name of SM Group SM?
It is the abbreviation of Shoe Mart, the first shoe store Henry C. started.
A lot of people thought it was an abbreviation for Shopping Mall, right? In fact, I am one of them.
Until you look for it, is it vaguely an abbreviation for shopping mall? I thought.

and also! It has nothing to do with Shoemarker at all. ^^

philippines sm henry sy

Are you still not familiar with the group called SM?
For those of you, I did a bit more research.
In the list of the world's richest people in 2015 published by Forbes, an American economic magazine, Henry Shih is ranked 73rd.
Lee Kun-hee, chairman of Samsung, the largest conglomerate in Korea, is ranked 110th, so you can feel it, right?
Click on the link below to view the 2015 World Rich List selected by Forbes.

Forbes 2015 World Richest

For reference, Microsoft (MS) co-founder Bill Gates is said to have ranked first in the list of the world's richest people for the second consecutive year following 2014 last year. ^^

philippines sm aura premier

SM Group is a bank. investment company. holding company. supermarket. There are many affiliates such as shopping malls.
Among them, I went to SM Aura Premier, one of the SM Supermall.

philippines sm aura premier map

SM Aura Premier, located at 26th Street Corner McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines, is the 13th Super Mall in Metro Manila and the 47th SM Prime mall in the Philippines. It does.
SM Supermall has overseas branches not only in the Philippines but also in China and Guam.
A department store inside SM Aura Premier. supermarket. restaurant. Cinema. upscale restaurant. High-end clothing store. service company. Everything is possible in the shopping mall, including entertainment facilities. ^^

philippines sm aura premierphilippines sm aura premier

When you step inside the SM Aura Premier, you can feel the cool air unlike the hot weather outside.
There are cute character sculptures in the lobby.
You can get a sense of how neatly organized the inside of the mall is by looking at the views around and behind the sculpture.
Have you ever noticed someone wearing a uniform around a character piece?
It's Gad.
There are people like that all over the mall.
He even has a real gun at his waist.
In addition, at the entrance of large shopping malls or large buildings in the Philippines, guards always inspect belongings. It was annoying to show the inside of the bag every time, but it's also safe because it's to prevent accidents.
Unlike Korea, Filipinos can carry guns.
After the photo time, I went straight to the SM Supermarket inside the shopping mall to buy presents for my family.
Why buy gifts at the supermarket?
I decided to buy Filipino snacks and ramen because, in my experience, the food seems to be the most acceptable and the response is good.

philippines sm aura premier supermarket

The inside of the supermarket was as expected, very spacious.
Papaya is a tropical fruit that is not easily found in Korean supermarkets. dragon fruit. There were also various kinds of mangoes such as durian.

philippines sm aura premier supermarket durian

Among them, durian, which is called the smell of hell and the taste of heaven, I bought it because I remember eating it very deliciously in China.
Also, the smell was not to my liking. ^^;

philippines sm aura premier supermarket bangus

Various types of fish are displayed in the fish corner.
The bangus you see on the left is called milk meat in Korean.
The milkfish is a kind of early fish belonging to the order Apchia, and is said to be the only extant species of the milkfish family (Chanidae) and the milkfish genus (Canos).
According to an acquaintance who has eaten Bangus, fish is so delicious that he only ate Bangus while he was in the Philippines.
If you have a chance, try it once~~

philippines sm aura premier supermarket

See the big fish at the top of the picture?
At first I thought it was a model, but it was a real fish for sale.
It seems that there are many types of fish that are hard to find in Korea, right?

philippines sm aura premier supermarket c2

It is C2, a representative drink that can be found everywhere in the Philippines.
C2 is a product of JACK & JILL, a snack brand of Philippine grocery and beverage company Universal Robina Corporation. As I did my research, I discovered something new.
It is that Jack and Jill, along with Oishi, are the two major mountain ranges in the Philippine confectionery industry.
Ohhh? Oishi? What surprised me was Oishi, not Jack and Jill.
These days, there are many shops selling overseas sweets, so you must have seen a lot of sweets with Oishi written on them.
However, Oishi means delicious in Japanese, so I vaguely thought it was a Japanese company, but unexpectedly, it was a Filipino company.
Did everyone know?
I just learned something new like this. ^^

philippines sm aura premier supermarket sanmiguel

San Miguel is a Filipino beer.
Everyone likes beer, right? Actually, I don't like alcohol very much, so I drink a beer or two, but San Miguel was soft and suited me well.
I couldn't forget the coolness and drank a bottle of San Miguel in Korea. ^^
Here's a fun fact I learned while drinking beer.
In the Philippines, they drink beer with ice.
The reason is that it is a method chosen to drink beer coolly in an environment where refrigeration is difficult.
I also tried San Miguel beer with ice and it was pretty good. ^^

philippines sm aura premier supermarket

Sweets corner.
Are there too many sweets?
There are more, but I only took one part.
Because there were sweets that I like the most.
Can you see the snack with the word Sponge written on it in the top center?
I like the chocolate flavor the most.
A friend of mine bought me a cookie from the Philippines, but I fell in love with it once and bought it from a global snack store.
Now that I see it, the sponge is also made by the Oishi company.

philippines sm aura premier catholic church

After buying various snacks including sponges, we went to the rooftop of SM Aura.
There was a cathedral there.
I couldn't go inside, so I timidly took a picture from outside the door.
There were also people praying at the front of the church.
Seeing that there is a cathedral in the shopping mall, I guessed how strong Filipinos' faith in religion is.

philippines sm aura premier samsunghall

If you go outside, there is a panoramic rooftop garden (SKY PARK).
The first thing that caught my eye was a round building with the words SAMSUNG HALL written on it.
When I saw the familiar Samsung logo in other countries, it immediately caught my eye. Seeing that there is a Samsung Hall in a large shopping mall in another country, I felt the greatness of Samsung.

philippines sm aura premier sky park

Cool water streams gushed out from all over the rooftop garden, so I could feel the coolness.

philippines sm aura premier sky park

I also reminisced about my childhood in the stream and jumped once like a child.^^
It was awkward at first, but then I jumped up and down with excitement.
Being hit by the cool stream of water, the heat was relieved.
So it seems that children don't leave by the fountain when it's summer.

philippines sm aura premier sky parkphilippines sm aura premier sky park

This is the view of the Philippines from the rooftop of SM Aura.
With the SM Aura building as the center, small houses are clustered on one side and neat and tall buildings are on the other side.
It's a contrast, right?
After looking at the strange scenery for a long time, I came down the rooftop garden with the hot summer sunlight and the cool stream of water behind me.
This concludes the SM Aura Premiere.
These days, the country is noisy because of the MERS virus.
Wearing a mask. Let's prevent MERS by making frequent hand washing a habit!
Take care of your health everyone!
ah! In the meantime, I forgot, but in the Philippines, it is written as 菲律宾 in Chinese and reads as Fei Lubin. ^^

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