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A visit to the leather market in Sinseol-dong, the heaven of leather

on April 17, 2015

Hello~ This is Mi-rye Song.^^*
Continuing from the previous article, I will tell you about my visit to the leather market in Sinseol-dong.
For those of you who haven't seen the previous post, I'll tell you how to get to Sinseol-dong Leather Market.
There are many other ways, but I used the subway.
If you come out of Exit 3 of Dongmyo Station on Line 1 and turn around, you will find the old-fashioned market.
If you go all the way through the old market, you will arrive at the leather market in Sinseol-dong. ^^*

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sinseol leathermarket

Do you see the stores lined up behind the Shinseol General Market signboard?
There are many shops that handle not only leather, but also metal subsidiary materials.

sinseol leathermarketsinseol leathermarketsinseol leathermarket

If you walk around the market alleys, you can see leather samples on display outside.
Among them, Jangan Leather is a place where you can take leather samples, so I brought a few.

sinseol leathermarket

In the photo, it appears to be a little brighter than the original color.
In real life, the color is prettier and each leather has a different texture, so it's fun to look at.

sinseol leathermarket

However, you can see the word leather all over the market signboard, including Jangan Leather.
Those who are quick-witted would have figured out that leather is leather.
Leather is written as 皮革 (leather skin, leather) in Chinese characters.
Even in Chinese, leather is written as 皮革 and read as fig. ^^*
Now you know why the word leather is written on the signboard of the leather market, right?

sinseol leathermarketsinseol leathermarket

I walked around the market and went to a few leather shops.
There were so many different kinds of skins.
It was literally a new world for me, who was new to the leather market. ^^
At first, I was afraid to touch it, so I only touched it lightly, but later, I touched the soft leather with exclamations of exclamation.
Do you know what calendula is written on the leather hanging in the picture?
I knew it as calf hair, but I did a search to know more clearly.
After searching, the hair of young calves under 6 months of age is called calf calf, and it is said that the soft and smooth short hair of calf is attractive. ^^

sinseol leathermarket

As we continue walking, we see high-rise apartments behind the old buildings of the market.
There are high-rise buildings on one side of Cheonggyecheon Stream and old buildings on the other side, creating a subtle scene.
After looking around the leather market, I went to Cheonggyecheon and walked for a while. The sound of flowing water and the warm sunlight made a fantastic combination.
The weather is nice. How about taking a walk along Cheonggyecheon on your day off?
From the last article to this article, I told you what I felt after visiting the Dongmyo Old Goods Market and Sinseol-dong Leather Market.
Did you enjoy it?
You can have more diverse experiences if you go there yourself.
Because each person sees and feels differently. ^^
For reference, when visiting Sinseol-dong Leather Market, it would be a more beneficial time if you search for information on leather or things you are interested in in advance on the Internet.
Thanks for reading. ^^*

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