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real look

3D capsule case
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thinner than the lead
Real Look Slim Capsule

Reallook slim capsule
Light as a feather and thin as paper
It provides a grip that fits snugly in one hand.
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with 36 magnets
Fit at once!
Reallook MagSafe Capsule

Reallook magsafe capsules
Designed exclusively for the iPhone
MagSafe chargers and accessories
It works perfectly.
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as the carbon pattern
3K twill
real look carbon capsule

real look carbon capsule
Carbon fiber 3K twill pattern
It provides the unique luxury of carbon.
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250 times stronger than glass
Real Look Hard Capsule

real look hard capsule
light and sturdy
using polycarbonate material
Safely protect your smart device.
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5 times stronger than steel
super fiber
Real Look Aramid Capsule

Reallook aramid capsule
Aramid, a bulletproof material, is used.
Protect your smart devices more safely.
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real look
How to install the case

with one click
Once you see it, check out how to install it for a lifetime.
realook img pc product case 07realook img mobile product case 07
flawless full cover
Safe from scratches

Up, down, left and right, as well as corners
to the protruding camera
It protects flawlessly.
realook img pc product case 08realook img mobile product case 08
Considering ports and buttons
precision design

with accurate hole design
Even when using buttons and connectors
Provides a comfortable feeling of use.
realook img pc product case 09realook img mobile product case 09
without removing the case
wireless charging available

wireless charging and payment
Easy to use.
realook img pc product case 10realook img mobile product case 10
without slipping
more cleanly

Anti-slip micromatte texture
No messy smudges or fingerprint marks
Clean use is possible.


Are there any harmful substances?

Our capsule case uses non-toxic polypropylene* material, so it can be used safely even on sensitive skin.
* Polypropylene, which is also used in baby products, is harmless to the human body and is an eco-friendly material that can be recycled.

earphone. Are there any problems with using the charger?

Our capsule case is for earphones. connector. Even the small hole in the speaker is perfectly crafted to make earphones. No problem connecting the charger at all.

Does the case interfere with the tempered glass film or liquid crystal protection film?

The RealLook capsule case is manufactured in the perfect size for smart devices to minimize interference between tempered glass film and liquid crystal protection film, and is 100% compatible with our 3D full-cover tempered glass film and 3D full-cover liquid crystal protection film.

How's the texture?

The surface of the RealLook capsule case is embossed, so you can feel the smooth texture, and it is convenient to use because it is not sticky even if your hands sweat in summer.

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