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real look

3D Full Cover Screen Protector
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with just one film
Perfect protection for curved surfaces

Micro Brownian motion technology
Curve the touch screen as you like.
Protects effortlessly.
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'Fingerprints do not match'

After attaching the film
Fingerprint recognition keeps failing
Just like my unique fingerprint
Unlock safely.
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real look
How to attach liquid crystal protection film

with one click
Once you see it, check out how to attach it for a lifetime.
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once a winner always a winner
Leading the victory of MMORPG
excellent sliding

With a smooth slip feeling at your fingertips
It offers an immersive game experience.
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Safe from scratches

The scratch-resistant Real Look UTG
Protect your touch screen.
Now I look at the screen as I write on paper
Feel free to draw.
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with a smartphone
WQHD quality as it is

With high transmittance, you can
lots of content
It's incredibly lively.

* The highest resolution may vary depending on the smartphone specifications.
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Considering case mounting
Optimal shape design

Optimal film clearance up, down, left and right
Even when using a case
It provides a great sense of unity.
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comparable at a glance
Difference in protected area

Reallook compares to other companies in terms of touch screen
Up to 120% wider protection area
Provided without hesitation.


What is 3D Full Cover Screen Protector?

Unlike general flat films, it is produced in 3D shape using Micro Brownian motion technology and protects even the curved part of the touch screen without lifting.
In addition, even after attaching the film, you can safely unlock your fingerprint without re-registering your fingerprint.

I am curious about how to attach the liquid crystal protection film.

Click the button below to watch the video on how to attach the Real Look screen protector, then attach it easily.

Is there any change in image quality after attaching the LCD protective film?

Reallook 3D full-cover LCD protective film uses PET material, so you can feel the vivid and clear picture quality of the display with high transmittance.

The edge lifts after attaching. Is it a defect?

If foreign substances remain on the surface of the touch screen, air bubbles may remain or cause lifting when attaching, and the edge of the protective film may be pushed or lifted when attaching or detaching the case.
In addition, sometimes lifting may occur due to the manufacturing deviation of the touch screen of the smartphone in use, and this is not a product defect. Please understand this.

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