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real look

Ultra-thin UTG tempered glass film
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Unfold now
With just one piece of UTG
Protection without lifting up to the folded part

Thin and flexible 0.03mm ultra-thin UTG
Through 100,000 folding tests
It guarantees trouble-free use.
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real look
How to attach liquid crystal protection film

with one click
Once you see it, check out how to attach it for a lifetime.
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Safe from scratches

The scratch-resistant Real Look UTG
Protect your touch screen.
Now I look at the screen as I write on paper
Feel free to draw.
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don't be afraid
Safer even in case of breakage

Even unexpected damage through anti-shattering treatment
It protects you flawlessly.
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once a winner always a winner
Leading the victory of MMORPG
excellent sliding

With a smooth slip feeling at your fingertips
It offers an immersive game experience.
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with a smartphone
WQHD quality as it is

With high transmittance, you can
lots of content
It's incredibly lively.

* The highest resolution may vary depending on the smartphone specifications.
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Considering case mounting
Optimal shape design

Optimal film clearance up, down, left and right
Even when using a case
It provides a great sense of unity.
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comparable at a glance
Difference in protected area

Reallook compares to other companies in terms of touch screen
Up to 120% wider protection area
Provided without hesitation.


What is UTG Tempered Glass Film?

UTG is an abbreviation of Ultra Thin Glass, which literally means very thin glass. In addition to being foldable, it embodies the advantages of general tempered glass films such as 9H hardness, delicate touch, smooth slip, and clear picture quality.

Will the UTG tempered glass film break even when folded?

Reallook ultra-thin UTG tempered glass film is very thin and can be flexibly folded to protect flexible touch screens such as fold & flip smartphones.

Please tell me how to attach the UTG tempered glass film.

The Real Look UTG tempered glass film is also the same as the general liquid crystal protection film attachment method. Click the button below to check the attachment video and attach it easily.

Air bubbles occurred during attachment.

If you use a squeegee to push the remaining air bubbles outward from the center of the protective film, most of the air bubbles will come out.

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