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2014 g-fair Korea Excellent Product Exhibition Kuala Lumpur ( 2014 korea sourcing fair in kualalumpur )

on December 30, 2014

Reallook Korea participated in the '2014 G-FAIR Korea Sourcing Fair in Kuala Lumpur' held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, for two days from December 2nd to 3rd.
The G-FAIR Korea Excellent Product Exhibition is an exhibition hosted by Gyeonggi-do, which invites local buyers with purchasing power and conducts one-on-one matching with participating companies.
This product exhibition, which was held in Kuala Lumpur for the first time in 3 years since 2011, was attended by various industries such as electronics, IT, building materials, cosmetics, and medical devices.
This time, rather than the exhibition, I would like to focus on my travels to Malaysia.
On November 29th, I left for Malaysia where Kota Canabalu is famous for having one of the world's top 3 sunsets via cathaypacific.

cathaypacific flight meals

Unforgettable fun on the plane In-flight meal! Chicken, bread, fruit drinks, and yogurt are all there.

malaysia kualalumpur roommalaysia kuala umpur night view

This is the accommodation I used in Kuala Lumpur.
The interior was clean and pleasant, and the night view from the window was beautiful, which made it even more appealing.

malaysia kualalumpur downtownmalaysia kualalumpur downtown

The next day, we wandered around the city of Kuala Lumpur.
The roads were clean and developed.

malaysia kualalumpur central market

This is Central Market. It is a famous souvenir market in Malaysia.
I also received a souvenir I bought here.

malaysia kualalumpur petronas twin tower

It is a miniature of Malaysia's representative building, the Petronas Twin Towers.
It was the tallest building in the world until it gave way to Taipei 101 on October 7, 2003, and is still the world's tallest twin tower.

malaysia kualalumpur sungeiwang

I went to Sungaiwang Shopping Center to buy dinner.
Looking around, it reminded me of E-Mart in Korea.

malaysia kualalumpur food

On December 1st, I ate at a restaurant in Sungaiwang Plaza.
They ate rice and tortilla together, but the sauce was excellent and the rice was crumbly as if it were undercooked.
The price is MYR 15 ringgit or about KRW 4,700.
(Exchange rate 1 ringgit = 314 Won)

korea sourcing fair in kualalumpur 2014 realook korea

During the exhibition, many buyers and visitors were constantly flooded with inquiries about our Real Look Leon and body protection films.
The exhibition was successfully completed by kindly consulting with inquiries.

malaysia kualalumpur night market

After the exhibition, I went to the night market.
In Malaysia, there are many people who believe in Islam and Hinduism, so it was hard to find food made with beef and pork.
So, there were a lot of seafood dishes.

malaysia kualalumpur night marketmalaysiablack tiger shrimpmalaysia black tiger shrimp

You choose and purchase your food, and it is cooked on the spot.
Among them, the black tiger prawns, famous in Malaysia, were the most memorable because they were large and delicious.
This concludes my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ^^

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