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Participated in Real Look 2014 China Sourcing Fair ( 2014 china sourcing fair )

on December 29, 2014

Reallook Korea participated in the '2014 china sourcing fair' hosted by global sources in Hong Kong, famous for the world's top three night views, from October 18th to 21st.
The China Sourcing Fair is a professional exhibition organized by global sources and is a trade fair with a global scale.
The China Sourcing Fair is held twice a year in April and October.
The exhibition field is mobile electronic products, and mobile-related products such as smartphones, tablet PCs, wireless devices, and mobile accessories were exhibited.
At Real Look Korea, our employee, Mr. Lee Il-ho, visited the exhibition.

hongkong international airport

To prepare for the exhibition, I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport the day before, on October 17th.
Arrive from the airport to the exhibition center in 10 minutes by using the Hong Kong subway MTR (mass transit railway)!

hongkong MTR system map

Hong Kong MTR route map.
Fares vary depending on the distance, and it is said that you can get a discount if you use a card called Octopus.
For more details see the link below. ^^
Go to MTR site

2014 china sourcing fair realook korea

After arriving, they said that they had a hard time attaching posters on the wall and setting up the booth by themselves.
Fortunately, the Chinese people in the front booth helped me, so I was able to finish the preparations safely. ^^

hongkong mongkok downtown

After installing the exhibition booth, I took a picture while wandering around downtown Mong Kok where the accommodation is located.
Mong Kok is famous for its night markets.
From what I've heard, it's noisy and feels like an old traditional market. Finally, the first day of the exhibition!

2014 china sourcing fair realook korea

This is a sample picture of the display.
Our real look Korea's electromagnetic wave blocking sticker on the floor in gold stands out.
These electromagnetic shielding stickers are real gold plated with real 24K gold!
That's why it's so popular with many buyers and visitors!

hongkong steak house

After safely wrapping up the first day of the exhibition, I visited 扒王之王 (steak expert), a steak restaurant located in Tsuen Wan (荃灣), Hong Kong, to satisfy my hunger.
It's probably because he's a man, so he didn't take pictures that looked delicious.
When I heard it, I said it was very delicious... ^^;
The price is 535 Hong Kong dollars (HKD) and about 74,000 won in Korean money (KRW).
Under the plate, you can see the words Chinese Peace (中國平安). (From Chinese major ^^)
We held consultations with many buyers at the exhibition.

2014 china sourcing fair realook korea

A Thai buyer, he showed interest in tempered glass and gave me a USB memory with a catalog instead of a catalog.
I also helped prepare the USB, and hearing this made me proud.

2014 china sourcing fair realook korea

The person sitting in the photo is an American buyer, and this person also showed a lot of interest in tempered glass.
In particular, they were surprised to see the amazon top 100 phrase.
The real look is like this.
There was also an Australian buyer who showed a lot of interest in Leon products.

hongkong food milktea

This is an impressive lunch menu.
I felt sorry for Ilho, who couldn't empty the booth because he went alone, and the Chinese people at the booth in front bought it for him.
You said the tonkatsu sauce was very impressive, but you must have felt that way more because of the Chinese people who prepared the meal for you, right?
The price is HKD 56, KRW 8,000.
The tea that looks like coffee next to it is milk tea (milk tea, 奶茶).
I also often drank milk tea when I was in China.
In China, milk tea is called Naicha.
I liked the bubble tea (珍珠奶茶) with tapioca pearls the most.
In Korea, it is called bubble tea. ^^

hongkong tsim sha tsui

Visited Tsim Sha Tsui after the exhibition. There are many Korean restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui.
When I searched the Internet, I found restaurants such as Cheomcheommi, Ajumma, and Namdaemun.
So when I came out of the subway station, I heard Korean all over the place, and I had a small talk with one of them.

2014 china sourcing fair realook korea

On the last day of the exhibition, there were not many visitors, so I took a commemorative photo with the Chinese people in the front booth who became friends.
They still keep in touch via WeChat.
WeChat is a mobile messenger that can be called KakaoTalk in China.
Recently, it is said to be very popular among young Chinese people.
When I was in China, I couldn't even think of a messenger other than QQ. ^^
WeChat is written as 微信 in Chinese and read as Weixin.
Would it be helpful to know?
Now that the exhibition is over, I left for a full-fledged Hong Kong tour.

morning landscape of mongkok hongkong

Morning view of Mong Kok.

hongkong double decker bus

double decker bus. The price is HKD 3~20 USD KRW 430~2800 KRW I also rode in China, and it is prettier than the Chinese double-decker bus.
I remember being in awe when I first rode it.
Some of my friends said it was inconvenient because the stairs going up and down the double-decker bus were narrow.
Still, I recommend giving it a try for experience.

hongkong beef noodle

All you can eat beef udon HKD 50 (about KRW 7,000)

hongkong dimsum

Dim sum is an indispensable dish in Hong Kong.
The dumpling skin was thin and the filling was very delicious.

hongkong chicken and noodle

The chicken and noodle dish was very unique and delicious.

hongkong beef and mushroom

Fried beef and mushrooms, one of the most popular dishes in Beijing. Even though it's a rough picture, it looks delicious.
It seems that the focus is more on the food than the exhibition, but I will end my trip to the Hong Kong exhibition.

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