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Attended the 23rd International Plastic Rubber Industry Exhibition ( koplas 2015 )

on March 11, 2015

Reallook Korea attended the 23rd Korea International Plastic & Rubber Show held on March 10th at KINTEX, Ilsan.
KINTEX is an international exhibition and convention center established through joint investment by the central and local governments to resolve the area shortage of domestic exhibition and convention centers and internationalize the industry. The industry has achieved internationalization.
The International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition that I attended this time introduces excellent plastic and rubber raw material products and related processing equipment at home and abroad.
I went to this exhibition myself.


I hurriedly took the subway from the morning and headed to KINTEX in Ilsan.
From Daehwa Station at the end of Line 3, take exit 2 and walk straight for about 400m to arrive at KINTEX.
Check the exact transportation information.

kintex koplas 2015 23rd Korea International Plastic & Rubber Show

Click to enlarge the drawing of the exhibition hall
As you can see in the image, the exhibition hall is connected to the International Mold and Related Equipment Exhibition, so it takes a considerable amount of time to see the whole thing.
At first, I didn't know that the International Mold & Related Equipment Exhibition and the International Plastic Rubber Industry Exhibition were exhibited in one space.
If you know, it will be more helpful for viewing, right?

kintex koplas 2015 23rd Korea International Plastic & Rubber Show

This exhibition gave me an opportunity to learn more about the principles of injection and mold.
Seeing the samples made transparent so you can look inside and seeing the machine actually working, it made sense.
Also, it seems that one hundred sentences are not enough.
A mold is a mold made to produce the same product. As an easy example, you can think of a taiyaki mold.

kintex koplas 2015 23rd Korea International Plastic & Rubber Show

These little plastic parts are made by injection molding.
Crafting this requires sophisticated molds and techniques.
Here, injection molding is a processing method to make a molded product by injecting plastic material melted by heating into a mold and solidifying or hardening it.
Mt. Geumgang after dinner! After wandering around the exhibition, I was hungry so I decided to have lunch.
Snack in KINTEX. Korean. lunch. There were restaurants such as Japanese food.
Tour of KINTEX food and beverage facilities
After thinking about what to eat, I followed the footsteps of the people to the second floor.
On the second floor, there was a food court and a buffet called Star Fish. The food court had a variety of menus, so it was noisy and crowded.
I chose Star Fish for a quiet and comfortable meal. ^^

kintex foodkintex foodkintex foodkintex foodkintex food

Image taken from the Starfish website.
sushi. role. The menu was similar to the regular buffet, including salads.
If you want to have a leisurely meal away from the hectic congestion of the exhibition hall, you might want to dine at Star Fish.

kintex starfish menu

Please refer to the Star Fish menu and prices.
After dinner, the exhibition continued.
We will introduce it in the next article. The exhibition is open until March 14th, so if you are interested, please stop by. ^^
The special exhibition My Love from the Star and various event schedules to be held at KINTEX can be found on the KINTEX website.

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