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Reallook Philippines Metro Manila business trip

on May 22, 2015

Hello ~ This is Song Mi-rye.
In the first week of May, I went to the Philippine branch of Reallook.
From now on, I will tell you the vivid story. ^^*
Before that, I would like to introduce a few things about the Philippines.

philippines flag

The Philippines is an island country in Southeast Asia located in the western Pacific Ocean and consists of 7,107 islands, with a population of about 100 million, making it the 12th most populous country in the world.
Among these many islands, there are also islands that are reputed to be beautiful in the world.
Representative examples are Cebu and Boracay, where people around me have traveled quite a bit.
Especially Boracay is Australia's Golden Coast. Along with Palm Beach in Miami, USA, it is famous for its white sand beach, which is considered one of the top three beaches in the world. ^^
As many of you know, the capital of the Philippines is Manila.
However, while I was in the Philippines, I saw the words “metro manila” a lot on signs and billboards.
I tried to find out if Manila and Metro Manila mean the same thing.

metro manila map

I looked it up and found that Metro Manila is also called Metro Manila, and it refers to 16 cities around it, including Manila.
Metro Manila is marked by a red line on the map.
Manila and Metro Manila mean different things, so it would be nice to know without confusing them.
I think one of the most important things when visiting another country is the exchange rate.
What is the currency of the Philippines and what is the exchange rate?
The unit of currency in the Philippines is the peso, which equals 25 won to 1 peso.
Therefore, you can think of 40 pesos as 1,000 won and 400 pesos as 10,000 won.
Language is also an indispensable factor for smooth communication.
The language in the Philippines is Tagalog, but English is also used as a common language, so communication was not a big problem.
So now let's start talking in earnest.

Jeongja airport bus stop

On the morning of the 3rd, I took the airport bus in front of Exit 2 of Jeongja and departed for Incheon Airport.

incheon international airportincheon international airportincheon international airportincheon international airport

Incheon International Airport, which I have been to for the first time in a while, has changed a lot with the introduction of an automatic boarding pass issuing machine.

Sky seen from an airplane

I flew through the blue sky and arrived in the Philippines half nervous and half excited.
The hot sun and heat made me feel that I had arrived in the Philippines.
After arriving, I took a taxi from the airport and headed to Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City, where I was staying.
Unlike the traffic situation in the Philippines that I had heard about, the road to the accommodation was quiet and quiet, like running on the Olle trail in Jeju Island.

pacquiao vs mayweather

Turns out, the day I arrived in the Philippines was the day of a boxing match between Filipino heroes Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.
It was the unexpected good fortune that everyone was watching the game in front of the TV and the road was not blocked.
It is said that how many people watch it is said that the Philippine Electric Cooperative Association of Palawan Province requested to refrain from using electric appliances such as refrigerators during the game through the official Facebook page.
Although the match ended with all judges winning by decision, I could feel the Filipino people's affection for Pacquiao.
Actually, I got to know Pacquiao for the first time that day.
Seeing the Filipinos' pride in Pacquiao, I was curious about what kind of person he was, so I looked for him.
Pacquiao was born in the slums, sold bread on the street until the age of 14, and started boxing at the age of 16.
After searching a little more, I was able to find a very unusual career that Pacquiao was a member of the Philippine National Assembly.
Due to his explosive popularity in the Philippines, he was elected in the 2010 House of Representatives election and is said to have maintained his position to this day.
Can you guess the influence of Pacquiao in the Philippines?
While I was staying in the Philippines, I realized Pacquiao's popularity to the fullest every time I saw a clogged road.

philippines fort bonifacio the luxe residences

I stayed at The Luxe Residences in Taguig's Fort Bonifacio.

philippines fort bonifacio the luxe residencesphilippines fort bonifacio the luxe residences

This is the lobby and inside the accommodation.
The accommodation was tidy, so there was no inconvenience in staying, and it was especially nice that there was a washing machine and dryer, so you could dry your clothes that day.
One unfortunate part was that there was a construction site nearby, so it was a bit noisy at dawn.

philippines fort bonifacio the luxe residences swimming pool

There is also a swimming pool on the 7th floor, so you can use it anytime.
If I had known that taking pictures was the last time I visited the pool, I would have dipped my feet in and kicked.
Unfortunately, I never got to dip my feet in the pool.

philippines globe sim card

After unpacking at the accommodation, I went to the Globe store to buy a SIM card and purchased a SIM card.
Globe is the Philippines' SK Telecom. ^^
I bought a SIM card, so I need to replace it, right?

iphone sim card eject pin

What you need at this time is the SIM removal pin.
Since I use an iPhone 6 Plus, I need this SIM removal pin to change the SIM card, so I brought it in advance. ^^
If you need a pin when replacing an SIM, don't forget to bring it. ^^

philippines traffic lights

I found a traffic light on my way to buy a SIM, but it was a bit unusual, so I took a picture.
These traffic lights tell you how much time is left when the light is red and when the light is green respectively.
So if you need to cross a traffic light twice to get to the other side, you can easily find a faster way.
One thing to note is that the numbers you see there are not seconds.
I also thought of it as a second, and there was a time when I couldn't cross it.
You can think of it as just counting numbers.

philippines tonchaya

On this evening, we ate at a Japanese restaurant called TONCHAYA (TONCHAYA Japanese kitchen & Bar) near the accommodation.
I'm confident in Chinese, but I don't know Japanese, so I used Google Translate to find out what it meant.
Translated, it comes out as rich tea house.
You can paraphrase it as a cafe that sells various foods, right?

philippines tonchaya chirashidon

Among the various menus, I ordered chirashidon (5 kinds of sashimi), which is a Korean sashimi rice bowl.
Five kinds of sashimi and wasabi on rice. lemon. Ginger came out plated.
It seems that the spicy scent of wasabi still lingers on the tip of the nose.
The price is 395 pesos, which is about 9,900 won in Korean money.

philippines tonchaya chahan

The chahan I ordered along with the chirashidon reminded me of fried rice with soy sauce and egg the moment I saw it.
The price is 79 pesos, which is about 2,000 won in Korean money, and it was a perfect menu for me who likes boring tastes.

philippines tonchaya map

This is the location of とん茶屋 on Google Maps.
Fort Bonifacio The Fort Strip, Katipunan Circle, 7th Ave. cor. The address is 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.
Please refer to those who want to visit. ^^
After having a full meal here, I went back to my accommodation and finished my first day in the Philippines.
In the next article, I will introduce Green Hills, Yongsan Electronics Market in the Philippines, so please look forward to it.

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