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Reallook's special lifetime service

on February 16, 2015

Hello~ This is Song Mi-rye. ^^*
Reallook provides lifetime service for customers who use protective film.
With the Lifetime service provided by RealLook, in case of scratches or raised edges due to quality problems, one item of the same model and design can be exchanged free of charge after one month from the date of purchase.
Did you know that such a useful service exists? ^^
How can I apply for such a useful lifetime service?
how to apply realook services The application process is simple.
1. Access the Reallook website
2. Click the after service menu at the bottom of the main page.
3. Download the attached pdf format service application form.
4. Print and fill out the saved service application.
5. Attach the protective film to be replaced on the back of the completed application form and pack it.
6. It will be sent to Reallook headquarters using post office courier. The return shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer, and if you use the post office courier service for shipping, you can quickly exchange and confirm delivery. ^^
In case of sending by other courier, it is often returned.
Go to the post office website
The post office call center number is 1588-1300 anywhere in the country without an area code.
One question arises here.
At some point, the term “lifetime service” began to be used in an instant.
What exactly does lifetime service mean?
So I looked up the word 'lifetime' on Wikipedia.
Wikipedia is a website famous for its professional and rich content due to active participation by experts. It is said to be a compound word of 'wiki' meaning 'fast' in Hawaiian and 'encyclopedia' meaning 'encyclopedia'. I only knew 'Aloha' as the Hawaiian language, but it's interesting that Wikipedia is a Hawaiian compound word, isn't it?
- Life expectancy, the length of time a person is expected to remain alive.
- Mean lifetime, a certain number that characterizes the rate of reduction ("decay") of a particle of an assembly.
- Service life, a product's expected lifetime, or the acceptable period of use in service.
- Object lifetime, in object-oriented programming, the time between an object's creation until the object is no longer used.
As seen above, the word lifetime can be interpreted in two ways.
When applied to a person, it is used to mean 'lifetime' in Korean, but when applied to a product, it means 'while the function of the product exists'.
Therefore, since the subject of lifetime service is a product, it is correct to say 'semi-permanent warranty' when translated into Korean. In addition, if a consumer intentionally damages or damages a product, service support will not be possible.
Are you saying that the protective film cannot be used due to failure in attachment rather than intentional damage?
In preparation for this case, RealLook also provides a premium service.
40% discount for the same model and 20% discount for other models, so don't miss out on the reasonable premium service!

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