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Real-look protection case patent 1

on January 07, 2015

hello. This is Mi-rye Song. ^^*
Today, we will talk about patents following the previous article.

realook patent protective case

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In the previous article, we talked about patents protecting the surface of display devices.
Have you forgotten what a patent is?
In other words, a patent is an administrative act that grants an exclusive right for 20 years from the filing date to the person who invented the invention or his/her legitimate successor in return for disclosing the invention to the public.
More information on patents can be found on the Korean Intellectual Property Office website.

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There are patents that protect the display surface, so there must be patents that protect the display device, right?
As I said in the previous article, there are two patents for protective cases for display devices. Let me introduce you to one of them.

realook patent protective case

This patent is for a case that protects a display device.
Here, display devices refer to electronic devices such as mobile phones, smart phones, smart pads, PMPs, PDAs, navigation devices, and MP3 players. This patent is also available on the Cypris site.

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realook patent protective case

From the front of the picture, it is the display device, rear cover, and protective case.
This patent allows the inner skin of different soft materials (silicone, urethane) and the outer skin of hard material (polycarbonate) to be made at the same time, thereby significantly reducing assembly and post-processing and increasing product competitiveness by utilizing various colors and designs. The height is a protective case.

realook patent protective case

By putting various patterns or character designs on the back cover, you can make a different change without changing the device.

realook patent protective case

It can also be combined with a leather case.
With one case, you can enjoy not only perfect protection but also various presentations, so you can kill two birds with one stone. ^^
Reallook & Company has everything from tempered glass patents to case patents!
Aren't you curious about the contents of the remaining case patents?
I'll answer the question next time and I'll write it up here today.

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