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Yongsan Electronics Market Green Hills Shopping Center in the Philippines

on June 02, 2015

Hello~ This is Real Look & Company Song Mi-rye. ^^*
Today, as I said in the previous article, I will introduce Green Hills Shopping Center.

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realook philippines

Greenhills Shopping Center is near the Philippine branch of Reallook, so I visited it for a while.
The office is located in the atlanta center building shown on the map.
Are you really close?

greenhills shopping center

GREENHILLS SHOPPING CENTER is located in San Juan City, Metro Manila. shopping mall. mart. bookstore. It is a complex shopping mall with everything in one place, including an electronics store.
That is why Green Hills Shopping Center is called Yongsan Electronics Market and Dongdaemun in the Philippines.

avengers : age of ultron

Upon entering the building, the banner of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron caught my eye.
Since there is a movie theater inside the Greenhills Shopping Center, it seemed like a promotional banner.
At this time, I hadn't seen Avengers 2 yet, so I took a picture because I really wanted to see it.

greenhills shopping centergreenhills shopping center

Leaving the banner behind, I went up to the second floor.
There was a large store selling various electronic products and related accessories.
Like the Yongsan Electronics Market in the Philippines, the Apple iPhone. I was able to meet not only Samsung Galaxy products but also various smartphones from around the world, and I was able to buy and sell used phones.
Also, I was able to find people repairing smartphones on one side.
But for me, who already has an iPhone 6 Plus, the smartphone accessories caught my eye more than the smartphone itself.
At first, I wandered around thinking about which case would be good.
There are a lot of stores, so it takes quite a while to walk around.

iphone6plus tpu case

This is a case that I bought with great care.
There were many flashy and eye-catching cases, but I also like simple things, so I chose a transparent case.
It kills two birds with one stone as it safely protects the body of the neat iPhone 6 Plus. ^^
Green Hills Shopping Center is also called Dongdaemun of the Philippines.
The reason is that there are clothes on the first floor of the shopping center. bag. Accessories. shoes. This is because they sell various items such as wallets.
Although I didn't buy it, I had fun shopping. ^^

greenhills shopping center map

Greenhills shopping center map.
I found it while using an ATM before shopping.
ATM. It is kindly explained from the location of the toilet to the taxi stand.

greenhills shopping atm

This is the ATM I used.
I'll explain it in case there are people who need information.
In fact, it's so simple that I don't even need to explain it.
If you insert the card into the round place where the green light blinks and follow the instructions on the screen, cash withdrawal is successful!

philippines pan de manila

Suddenly, the topic of cash came out and I remembered something.
In the Philippines, there are often places that only accept cash.
Representatively, the 7-eleven (7-eleven) and the Filipino bakery PAN de MANILA (Pan de MANILA), which I used near the accommodation, could only pay in cash.

philippines pan de sal

In PAN de MANILA, we ate bread called pan de sal.
Pandesal means salt bread in Spanish and is said to be the most popular bread in the Philippines.
I ate the herb cream shown in the picture and the slightly cooled pandesal together.
For me, it was more delicious to simply eat pandesal.
The light and soft pandesal is said to be the best when eaten while it is still hot.
While I was in the Philippines, I tried to eat warm pandesal, but I couldn't find warm pandesal because I visited at an awkward time.
How much better can hot pandesal taste?
Next time I visit the Philippines, I will try again.
But don't you wonder why the most popular bread in the Philippines is Spanish?
The reason is that the Philippines was a Spanish colony for 327 years, from 1571 to 1898.
So you can easily find traces of Spain everywhere in the Philippines.
The fact that most Filipinos believe in Catholicism can also be attributed to the influence of Spanish colonial rule. Even the name of the Philippines is said to have been derived from the 16th-century explorer Villalobos, who named it Felipinas, after Felipe II, King of Spain at the time.

greenhills shopping center world chickengreenhills shopping center world chicken

After looking around, I went to World Chicken in Greenhills Shopping Center to have a meal.
As you can see in the picture, the ordering method is explained in detail.
Grilled chicken is standard, and you can choose sauce and additional menu here.
You can choose from one or two additional menu items.
If you choose one, it is 151 pesos, and if you choose two, it is 177 pesos.
In Hanwha, it would be about 3,800 won and 4,400 won, respectively.

greenhills shopping center world chicken

My sauce is sweet chili. For the additional menu, I chose spaghetti pomodoro and 2 bacon rice. I also ordered a sprite. ^^

greenhills shopping center kyochon chicken

One of the things I learned from going to the Philippines was that Filipinos love chicken just as much as Koreans do.
There are many places that sell chicken, and there was even a Kyochon Chicken store in Greenhills Shopping Center.
In front of the store, there is a panel of actor Lee Min-ho, who recently revealed that he was in a pink relationship with Miss A Suzy, so I took a picture.

philippines bonchon chicken

In the Philippines, there is Bonchon Chicken, which is more loved than Kyochon Chicken.
Bonchon Chicken opened its first store in Manila, Philippines in 2010 under a master franchise agreement, and currently has 80 stores in the Philippines.
The Bonchon Chicken store is bustling with people during lunch and dinner hours.
The reason is that the menu has been adjusted to fit the local Filipino taste, which serves chicken and rice together.
The menu that offers chicken and rice together can be found very easily in McDonald's and KFC as well as Bonchon Chicken in the Philippines.
Filipinos love chicken as much as Koreans, right? ^^
For reference, Bonchon Chicken in Korea has two locations: Haeundae in Busan and Samseong in Seoul.

philippines turron

This is the last snack we ate before leaving the Greenhills Shopping Center.
It is a Filipino dish called Turon. Bananas are sprinkled with sugar, wrapped in thin skin and baked.
When I first heard about Toron, the banana itself was a bit sweet, but I thought it must be very sweet since they say they sprinkle sugar on it.
However, when I tried it myself, it was not as sweet as I thought.
It even tasted strangely reminiscent of it.
The skin on the outside was chewy and the banana on the inside was soft. The texture was very interesting.

Did you understand a little bit about Greenhills Shopping Center?
If you want to find something to see and eat at once, we recommend Greenhills Shopping Center.

Greenhills Shopping Center Hours of Operation

Sunday-Thursdayㅣ10 am to 8 pm
Friday-Saturdayㅣ10 am to 9 pm

Greenhills Shopping Center is open from 10am to 8pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 10am to 9pm from Friday to Saturday, so please refer to it when you visit. ^^

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